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27 e 28 Novembro 2014, Santo Antão, Cabo Verde

International Conference

Family Farming and sustainable rural development

Monte is a civil society organization, established along eighteen years in Arraiolos, Portugal. Our mission is to promote social and economic sustainable development of rural areas and local governance processes. Our vision is to contribute for material and immaterial life improvement of rural communities and reinforce the articulation between agents and organizations to consolidate a compromise for a sustainable development.
Baloi d´Horta is a project that aims to increase the income of Santo Antão’s small farmers.

Balói d’ Horta is an initiative developed by NGO MONTE in partnership with CRP (SA) - Regional Partners Committee of Santo Antão. This initiative has the support of the European Union Delegation in Cape Verde and the Portuguese cooperation, Camões – Institute for cooperation and language. Developed since 2012, the project has made possible a raise on the consumption of fruits and vegetables in Santo Antão, reinforced the technical skills of farmers, has stimulated collective organization and promoted the direct commercialization of Baloi d’ Horta and strengthened the fight against poverty. In the frame of Balói d’Horta and with the purpose to celebrate the International Year of Family Farming (IYFF) 2014, Monte and the Regional Partners Committee (CRP - SA) of Santo Antão’s will promote from the 27th until the 28th of November, at Salão Nobre da Câmara Municipal de Porto Novo (Porto Novo’s Municipality), Santo Antão – Cape Verde, the International Conference on “Family Farming and sustainable rural development”.


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